Mytilineos: Agreement for the Greece-Bulgaria electrical interconnection

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MYTILINEOS, through the Sustainable Development Projects Sector (SES BU), signed a contract with the Independent Electricity Transmission Operator (A.D.M.H.E. S.A.) for the complete construction of the new interconnecting overhead transmission line “G. M. 400kV KYT N. SANTAS – MARITSA (BULGARIA)”, single circuit heavy-duty type (triple conductor per phase) as well as the provision of all the required materials (steel, conductors, insulators, accessories) for its artistic construction.

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The line in question is part of the new electrical interconnection between Greece and Bulgaria, which is an important project of pan-European interest and is expected to join the European System at the beginning of 2023.

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In particular, MYTILINEOS will implement the construction of the section of the new connecting line (N. Santa – Maritsa) located in Greek territory with a total length of 30 km. The Project includes the construction of eighty-five (85) new series seven “7” towers. More specifically, the construction of access roads for the needs of the project, the complete construction of eighty-five (85) new towers, the complete installation of ACSR Cardinal Phase Conductor, Steel Protection Conduit (SW) and OPGW Protection Conduit, throughout the length of the line with all the corresponding components. Also, the installation of the dielectric cable will be carried out within the NEAS SANTAS KYT, its termination at the existing ODF and the measurements of optical fibers and ground resistance of tower foundations.

This Project will strengthen the European transmission system in the region and with regard to our country, it will have a positive effect on the cross-border electricity trade, while it will allow the safe penetration of new RES projects in Thrace and Eastern Macedonia.

Kostas Chorinos, Power, LNG/GAS, Industrial, T&D Director of MYTILINEOS’ Sustainable Development Projects Sector, said after the signing of the contract: “We are undertaking a complex and demanding project, capitalizing on the extensive experience and know-how of the upgraded Sustainable Development Projects Sector MYTILINEOS. We are proud to partner again with ADMIE, having already proven that we can deliver projects with complete success and consistency.”

MYTILINEOS, following international trends for efficient energy distribution and transmission, demonstrates a successful portfolio of corresponding projects. Its know-how in the study and construction of high voltage transmission lines and in fact corresponding 400kV single circuit super heavy type transmission lines (such as the 400kV KYT DISTOMOU – KYT AGIOU NIKOLAOU I & II), is a key success factor for the implementation of safe interconnection projects traffic of increasing power flows, thus contributing to the rapid development of the electricity markets of Europe and Turkey.

The relevant contract is scheduled to be completed within 9 months, in addition to the 18 months of the warranty period, and the contractual value for MYTILINEOS amounts to 9,974,793.70 euros.

Source: Capital

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