N. Anastasiadis at SW conference: Greece and Cyprus pillars of stability and strategic partners

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The beginning of the work of the 14th Ordinary Congress of New Democracy was announced a few hours ago by the chairman of the Organizing Committee, Vangelis Meimarakis.

Before the start of the proceedings of the Conference, a minute’s silence was observed “for the unfortunate loss of a historical member of the faction, Marietta Giannakou”.

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Then the Rules of Procedure of the 14th Ordinary Congress were read, which was approved and immediately afterwards the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, took the stage.

He thanked for the invitation to address “the congress of the largest progressive faction in the country, the faction that is identified with the consolidation of democracy and the emergence of Greece.”

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He stressed that it would be an omission if before any other report he did not express the thanks of the Cypriot people but also himself personally for the excellent cooperation and the unwavering support to the tried Hellenism of Cyprus.

“The most important of all is not only the intergovernmental cooperation, it is not only the cooperation at the highest level. What is more important is the brotherly love between the Greeks of metropolitan Hellenism and the Hellenism of Cyprus.

It is the coexistence but also the pain and the sensitivity that each of the two Greek elements show in the trials of one or the other and I can only pay tribute to the Greek brothers who gave their blood defending the integrity of the Republic of Cyprus. “We are united by blood ties, in addition to historical ties,” he stressed.

“Through the close cooperation of the two governments, we strive and fight for a more human-centered Europe, for a strategically united Europe, for a Europe whose main object or subject will be the European citizen. A Europe that will care for everyone, will defend the welfare state but also the rule of law “, he added.

He also stated that he can not ignore the fact that through close cooperation Greece and Cyprus are pillars of stability and strategic partners not only in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region but also in the Arabian Gulf and beyond. He made special reference to the tripartite collaborations that, as he said, started during the days of Antonis Samaras in order to consolidate and become of strategic importance during the days of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Together we have managed to consolidate the feeling that our countries want and love peace. They do not seek to exclude anyone. And through cooperation we seek to see that international law is applied for this and we do not remain indifferent to what is happening. “Ukraine. That is why we stood in solidarity and united with the decisions of Europe.” “The invasion of Ukraine, the violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity has hurt the Greeks of Cyprus because they reminded us of the same arguments, the same pretexts, the same atrocities committed by the Turks against the people of Cyprus.”

He stressed that “we stand in solidarity with the decisions of the EU but also defend our national interests, we do not accept two measures and two weights, we do not accept the tolerance of the neutral neutrals”.

In closing, he said he wanted to convey a message in defense of national issues: “we follow the philosophy of patriotic realism without at the same time ignoring with pride that history dictates an honest solution, honest peace but no retreat, no enslavement, no submission to any unjust claims “.

Source: AMPE

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