N. Anastasiadis: I want to hope that the revision on the part of Turkey will not continue

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The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, expressed the hope that wiser thoughts will prevail on the part of Turkey in relation to its ongoing challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean.

Speaking to reporters on the eve of the unveiling ceremony of the bust of Amerikos Argyrios in Limassol, the President of the Republic, when asked about the raging fire in Kormakitis, said that “we have said that we are ready to provide any help needed, because our homeland is one, Cyprus, and therefore regardless of the regime it is experiencing today, that is, the occupation, that is, it does not cease to be a part that we hurt and we definitely want to be protected “.

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Asked how concerned they are about the escalating Turkish challenges in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the President said that “any challenge should definitely be a concern.

“I want to hope that prudent thoughts or wiser thoughts on the part of Turkey will prevail and that this observed revisionism will not continue and will not continue if some people are finally sensitized and today, by doing the right thing, react to something similar to what happened to Russia.”

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Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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