N. Anastasiadis: The instrumentalization of immigrants by Turkey is unacceptable

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The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis “condemned the unacceptable instrumentalization of migrants by Turkey and stressed the need for the EU to take effective measures to prevent such phenomena, both from Turkey and from any third country that exploits human suffering in an effort to reap alien political benefits. ” The above was stated in a statement by the government representative of Cyprus, Marios Pelekanos, on the sidelines of the Summit.

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At the same time, Mr. Anastasiadis “informed his counterparts about the magnitude of the problem facing Cyprus due to the very high migration flows, which for a long time now, have made the Republic of Cyprus, with a difference in the number of political asylum applications a member state of the EU by proportion of population “.

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He also pointed out that today, the percentage of asylum seekers or already holders of protection status, reaches 4.4% of the population of Cyprus, when at the same time this percentage in proportion of population, does not exceed 1% in other Member States first Marios Pelekanos added.

He further added that Nikos Anastasiadis emphasized that “the vast majority of asylum seekers in Cyprus are persons from safe countries of origin, who arrived in the occupied territories of Turkey and from there were taken to points along the ceasefire line. from where they then crossed illegally into the free areas “.

According to the statement of the Cypriot government representative, Mr. Anastasiadis “also referred to his recent letter to the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council, in which he described the dramatic situation in Cyprus and the unbearable pressure on the state and Immigration and Asylum services, as well as what is required by the EU to alleviate the problem “.

Finally, Mr. Anastasiadis stressed that the implementation of the EU-Turkey Declaration on Immigration towards Cyprus is “extremely important”.

Source: AMPE


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