N. Androulakis: New Democracy and SYRIZA do not have a strategic plan for the future of the economy

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The lack of a strategic plan on the part of New Democracy and SYRIZA for the future of the economy, with the result that it is exposed and vulnerable to global developments, pointed out the President of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis.

“If we do not see the country with a comprehensive strategic plan, which will integrate fiscal policies, tax policies and European funds into the vision of a resilient economy and society, we will live in Marmot’s day. Crises and manpower flight abroad.” noted Mr. Androulakis.

He insisted that the government was treating the Recovery Fund as an enlarged NSRF with no vision of modernizing the economy, citing specific examples of welfare state aspects such as health and welfare, which were not a priority for the government in planning this tool.

Referring to the wave of accuracy and the increased energy costs, Mr. Androulakis underlined that the fiscal expansion that the government proceeded during the pandemic crisis, had as a result “it has been left from” fuel “as there is no fiscal space to relieve citizens from highlighted the proposal of PASOK-Movement for Change to impose a ceiling on the retail price of electricity “to make a fair distribution of costs between individual-state and producer” as well as the need to “tax the real profits of companies energy and not those that appear today “.

“Did we regulate the market? Did we emphasize on Renewable Energy Sources? Did we spread them to the producers, to the processors so that in case of energy crises they are shielded? Did we do photovoltaics on the roofs?” listed the areas of lagging behind in terms of government planning.

Mr. Androulakis stressed that effective management of private debt and red loans is required. “The one who had mortgaged his property to finance his business can not be in a worse situation than the one who had no guarantee. He really needs a second chance of dignity, with criteria, for those who tried and failed,” he said. .

“I am disappointed that the government is creating new two gears. We can not make a special tax incentive policy for those who left abroad. And those who stayed in the country? Are they other Greeks? We do not want to make brain gain on these terms by separating “Children in two categories will return if they see that we are all planning a competitive economy with many and good jobs,” he said.


Source: Capital

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