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N. Androulakis: The people gave us a new vote of confidence

Nikos Androulakis welcomed the mass participation of more than 175,000 members of the Movement in the electoral processes for the selection of the name of the faction, members of local and prefectural committees and representatives in the upcoming congress.

In an interview with Real FM, the president of PASOK-KINAL said that “we honor our root, the democratic – progressive root, which in the years of the change of government changed Greece, with huge infrastructure, with a strong welfare state, “With the strengthening of the European perspective. On the new bank of the effort we are making, of the effort that the Greek people again gave a vote of confidence with a huge, shocking participation, we keep all the positives as a beacon and a compass”.

“I pledge that the negatives will never be faced again by any of our voters, by any person who believes in the ideas and principles of the democratic party”, stressed Nikos Androulakis.

“I want to publicly apologize to the people of our party for the inconvenience that occurred yesterday, as we had fewer ballots for technical reasons than in the presidential election. However, about 180,000 members came to support this effort and to give again. “A vote of confidence in the effort we are making,” he said.

“PASOK does not need to forget its history and the restoration of the symbol and the name is because we honor our history”, added the President of PASOK-Movement for Change.

“The debts were not created by my generation, but we owe it to the Greek people to manage them transparently. My commitment and priority is to settle all these debts so that we are 100% consistent with what I mentioned,” Nikos Androulakis replied. to a relevant question noting that in the next period relevant announcements will be made by the General Manager, Nikos Salagiannis.

The President of PASOK-Movement for Change noted that “we want a strengthening of the democratic faction in order to overthrow the current small bipartisanship that produces only toxicity, a fruitless political debate that does not solve problems. Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Tsipras multiply the problems Just as Mr. Mitsotakis talked about collaborations a few weeks ago, so Mr. Tsipras understands that the political scene has changed. Tsipras will return “and the other” support me for Mitsotakis to leave “, he no longer goes through them but from us and my answer to both is that the Greek people deserve to give us the opportunity to get rid of them as well two and to have a progressive government with a social democratic core that will lead Greece to better days “.

He reiterated his proposal for a ceiling on the retail price of energy as a purely political choice. “I consider a blurred political choice, the one made by the Government. We want clear polar solutions. Neither should the people go to court under the pretext of” I do not pay “as Mr. Tsipras does, nor what Mr. Mitsotakis does. “To de-escalate energy prices tomorrow so that we know what the Greek household pays, the consumer, what the state pays and what the big producers pay?” reported.

Commenting on Turkey’s stance, Nikos Androulakis stressed that “in 2023 Turkey has elections and in order to keep his seat Mr. Erdogan will do what he can. The partners must understand that he is a small Putin, a reviewer, an authoritarian, which does not respect international law “.

Source: Capital

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