N. Androulakis: The Prime Minister despises the intelligence of the Greek people

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The president of PASOK – Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, launched an attack against Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis regarding what took place at the NATO Summit in Madrid, with his statement.

More specifically, the president of PASOK – KINAL states:

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“Yesterday, the USA instead of condemning Mr. Erdogan, who violates the sovereign rights of our country, does not respect the resolutions of the United Nations on the closed city of Famagusta, violates human rights inside his country, blackmailed NATO for months for the accession of Finland and Sweden, they rewarded him with new armament programs, with the F16s.

For all this, Mr. Mitsotakis considers that there was a positive result for our country. Unfortunately, he despises the intelligence of the Greek people. The Europeans and the Americans must understand that with their behavior, instead of sending a message to Erdogan to stop being an international troublemaker, they are rewarding the bargaining tactics he has been employing in recent years to the detriment of our country and the wider region.”

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Source: Capital

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