N. Androulakis: Those who left us for a chair of power have no place among us

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The optimism for the victory of PASOK-Movement for Change in the next elections, whenever Mr. Mitsotakis decides, was expressed by Nikos Androulakis, in his afternoon deuterology, with which he summarized the three-day work of the 3rd Congress of the party. “Our effort does not look at the ceiling of the polls”, underlined the president of PASOK-KINAL, praising the good atmosphere of unity and sympathy that was recorded.

“What happened here for three days should not be the echo of the room. It should become the voice of society. To show that we are changing,” Nikos Androulakis added. He spoke of a new era of unity – of political autonomy and renewal, as committed.

“We are against those who propose progressive fronts and said how they won the government and not the power”, said Mr. Androulakis, rejecting the coexistence with SYRIZA. “We are against those who propose a Front of Logic, but they continue to support bribery and unworthiness,” he said, closing the door on government flirtations. “.

The president of PASOK-KINAL called “those who were removed from wrong behaviors to come back, so that we can build the next day of the party together” and closed the door of PASOK-KINAL “to those who left it for a chair of power” saying: “No “They have no place among us. Discounts on our values ​​will not be made.”

Nikos Androulakis argued that the condemnation of the violation of international law and human rights by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is absolute, while he stated that the Social Democrats believe in a Europe of Humanism and not in a Europe of conservation and an advanced outpost of the West.


Source: Capital

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