N. Androulakis: We call on the progressive citizens to build our program piece by piece

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The program framework of PASOK-Movement for Change, which responds to the new economic, social and geopolitical proposals, was presented by the President of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, the Head of In Social and former Minister Nikos Christodoulakis and the financial advisor of KO , Elias Kikilias.

This program framework will be posted on the digital portal of PASOK-Movement for Change and then will be enriched with a series of thematic events, which will take place in the coming months. The program of the Movement in its final form will be sealed at a program conference in the Autumn.

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“European societies have experienced the economic and refugee crisis even more as we as a country of entry and after 2019 the pandemic, the energy crisis and a war in the heart of Europe. All this shows a new era. An era of multiple challenges, which we owe “As social democrats, to emerge, to discuss and to respond. For us, the priority is a competitive productive economy and a just society. This is exactly the dialogue base program that we present today. Mr. Androulakis opening the event.

Regarding the social housing program, introduced in the public debate by PASOK-Movement for Change, Mr. Androulakis stressed that “it is crucial to have a stock of social housing so that young couples can build their lives on better terms. In 2017 according to The data showed that the social stock in Greece was 0%, when the average in Europe was 20%. “We do not despise the great social problems of the time. We need will, plan. That is why we call on the progressive people, the democratic citizens, our members to discuss and piece by piece this new policy framework that the country needs.” .

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Regarding the mass participation of the members of the Movement in the elections of May 8, the President of PASOK-Movement for Change underlined that “all generations together on Sunday sent a big and strong message that with a modern and institutional party whose direction is clear progressive, social democratic and with modern ideas and perceptions we can make our country turn the page and go to an era of more security, more social justice and above all national dignity that the Greek people so desperately need. ”

Mr. Nikos Christodoulakis in his speech regarding the draft program of the party, referred to specific elaborated and studied proposals that will be the basis of an open public debate in the near future. Specifically, he spoke about the strengthening of industrial production and processing, the definition of an integrated industrial location in order to promote sectors such as the circular economy, the upgrading of the defense and shipbuilding industries. He pointed out the need to strengthen productive investments and infrastructure, interventions in the tax system aimed at taxing large assets and profits. The creation of a single body of administration and management, which will not be limited only to natural disasters. He also referred to a number of proposals regarding work, health and education.

Mr. Elias Kikilias in the context of his speech stressed the need to modernize and expand the productive base of the country. Enhancing innovation and extroversion in order to create decent jobs. The plan focuses on the new generation, he said, adding that “it is a contract with the new generation. We give priority to investments with high domestic added value because not all investments are the same as well as the establishment of new productive poles of companies, sectors, technologies and education, but also a state mechanism with sufficient capacities as well as collaborations of the Public with the Private sector that serve the public interest “.

Asked by a journalist about the accuracy of products and fuels, Mr. Androulakis stressed: “In this adventure that Europe is going through, our country is more vulnerable, because SYRIZA and New Democracy have made our country deeply dependent on an imported mineral fuel without any comprehensive planning on a critical national issue such as Greece’s energy autonomy.There is a very large benefit from the state due to inflation.How does this money enter the Greek economy to shield the most vulnerable Greek? We talked specifically about reduction of VAT on basic goods, we said about the minimum wage at 751 euros, reduction of the Excise Tax on fuel.As for the ceiling, I will give you a clear solution.What does the ceiling in retail mean? in his invoice the difference “.

Source: Capital

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