N. Androulakis: ‘We will not share chairs with either Mitsotakis or Tsipras’

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In particularly strict tones, Nikos Androulakis, from Lamia, criticized both the government and the official opposition for their positions and choices, accusing New Democracy of “extreme elitism” as he said, and SYRIZA for ” extreme populism”.

Nikos Androulakis accused the prime minister of “tearing his clothes for months that the elections will be held at the end of the four-year term, when at the same time the entire cabinet is leaking to the journalists that we are going to elections in the fall”. He even asked himself publicly “is this a responsible government? Is it responsible governance?”.

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The president of PASOK – Movement for Change, made a special reference to the Recovery Fund, reiterating its central goal of strengthening the competitiveness and resilience of the Greek economy and noted that “no dialogue has taken place. Everything is the product of a so-called staff state that is essentially the ferret of a centralized government. All decisions are taken at the level of a narrow core around the prime minister, without consultation, without a discussion with civil society, with self-government, with chambers, with agencies”.

Referring to the official opposition, he accused SYRIZA of having no positions and that “its only position is no to everything”, to add how “it speaks in the name of the many, without having any plan to solve the problems of the many towards the neoliberal options of the New Democracy for the few”.

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In fact, Mr. Androulakis also made special reference to the statements of the president of SYRIZA on simple proportionality, noting that “Mr. Tsipras had the inspiration – and here it shows how much he believes in simple proportionality – to say that with simple proportionality, he will the first party must also elect the prime minister, but this does not concern the second party, but the third and fourth”.

“If Mr. Tsipras is so anxious to save Mr. Mitsotakis, good luck to him. We will fight for him to be a third party, so that they can form a joint government. After all, what will a joint government with Mr. Mitsotakis be for Mr. Tsipras? One left turn from the far-right choice of Mr. Kammenos to the right-wing choice of Mr. Mitsotakis and New Democracy. He has done it again in a deeply failed way. Have a good trip.”

Speaking about the characteristics of simple proportionality, he noted that “anyone who really believes in simple proportionality does not discuss chairs and persons. It is not an electoral system that promotes the distribution of power and the anxiety of some to hold the chair tightly in their hands. It is a system that puts forward ideas, positions and opinions, which leads to programmatic convergences so that the country has a better tomorrow”.

Mr. Androulakis, also from Lamia, repeated the answer to the crucial question with whom his party will go after the elections: As he noted to applause, “the answer is clear: We will go with our values, with our principles, with the social justice and with a social democratic program, which will give perspective to all Greek women, to all Greeks, we are not going to share chairs, neither with Mitsotakis nor with Tsipras, and let them get a clear message from here in Lamia…”.

Mr. Androulakis made a special mention of punctuality, commenting that “this year is the first summer that millions of Greeks feel like strangers in their own country. Punctuality has made them unable to take a short vacation. Punctuality makes them look at their wallets every day to buy basic goods” as he characteristically pointed out. The government does not advance social programs, argued the president of PASOK-KINAL. At the same time that housing is being strengthened in Europe, in our country there are no such programs or if there are they are at particularly low levels, he observed.

Referring to the Greek-Turkish developments, but also to issues related to the NATO summit, he underlined how “we are not going to put an obstacle in the way of the popular will of the people of Finland and Sweden, but as we respect their fears, they must also they respect the fears of the Greek people, when we have a neighbor who is constantly provoking, a neighbor who is encroaching on our sovereign rights”.

The powerful states of the EU, “even today continue to sell weapons to Turkey. Oh no, this is not, neither solidarity, nor consistency. Europe should not sell a single bullet to Erdogan’s Turkey, as Turkey it is a country of turmoil that consults international law,” he underlined.

Finally, Mr. Androulakis made a special reference to the energy sector, to the arrangements that should be made for the benefit of the economy as well as the consumer, while he underlined the need to strengthen the agri-food sector, so that our country acquires productive capabilities, but also strengthen a large part of the human resources involved in the production of products. He even called on PASOK members to convey these messages to every corner, as he also called on them to be electorally prepared, so that, whenever elections are called, they would be present and give clear answers, “both to the government and to the opposition”.

With the Metropolitan

Previously, Mr. Androulakis had a meeting with the Metropolitan of Fthiotida, Mr. Simeon, where the metropolitan informed him about the social and charitable work of the Metropolis, while at the same time he invited him to its camps next August, where refugee children from Ukraine will be hosted

“We are very happy that you have come. We are happy that a new person is leading a large parliamentary party that has written a great history in our country, but also in Church-State relations throughout the ages. We follow with great interest and love the positions, moderation, prudence you, and in your person we have many hopes for many things at many levels”, said Mr. Simeon welcoming the president of PASOK-Movement for Change.

Mr. Androulakis noted that “humanity lives under difficult conditions such as the war in Ukraine, the increase in social inequalities, the energy and food crisis, with the latter knocking at the door of weak peoples” pointing out the importance of solidarity and synergies. “It is crucial that all the institutions of our country help with their continuous work, so that we do not enter a new era of increasing social inequalities, after ten years of enormous economic adventure, during which thousands of Greek children left abroad. We must be next to the person, next to the citizen and of course the Church” noted the president of PASOK-KINAL.

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Source: Capital

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