N. Androulakis: What is required is for those who have made big profits from the energy crisis to pay

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Nikos Androulakis criticized the government announcements for the energy in an interview on SKAI radio, where he reiterated that the imposition of a ceiling on the retail price, which has been consistently supported by the Movement for Change for months, is immediately applicable.

“We have been talking about two meters for a long time. The retail price ceiling, which is in the toolbox of the European Commission and does not require special approval like the wholesale ceiling, and the second measure is the tax on producers’ profits. announced measures does not make a substantial intervention, institutional and regulatory, but discusses the retail ceiling from July.It would be right to apply the retail price ceiling from tomorrow morning and let the consumer know how to divide costs between consumer “There should be justice in the adventure we are living in. The big question is what the producers will pay in the end. Those who have the big profits from this crisis”, said Mr. Androulakis.

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Regarding the allowance that will be paid, the president of PASOK-Movement for Movement stressed that the issue is not only if you give money, but how the market will be regulated, that is, how the costs of the energy crisis will be regulated. For the internal party elections in PASOK-Movement for Change on Sunday, the president of the party, called for participation in the polls for the election of the name of the party, the representatives in the congress and the representatives in the local and prefectural organizations.

“We chose to have two options so that there is a clear mandate for the name of the faction as we had committed in the elections of December that we will restore our symbol and our name but respecting the multi-party body, inaugurated by Fofi Gennimata,” said Mr. Androulakis on the choice between “PASOK-Movement for Change” and “Movement for Change”.

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Referring to the discussion on collaborations, he stressed for ND and SYRIZA that “they are dealing with us because we ruined their soup. They were both well received in a loneliness where one gives strength to the other. I tell the Greek people that if they have been disappointed by “Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Mitsotakis, to give us a chance and to be sure that a social democratic party, with a modern political potential and a modern program that embraces their anxieties, will not disappoint them and will bring better days in Greece.” .

Source: Capital

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