Home Politics N. Androulakis will be summoned to the EYP for his surveillance case

N. Androulakis will be summoned to the EYP for his surveillance case

N. Androulakis will be summoned to the EYP for his surveillance case

In the immediate future, the president of PASOK/KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, will be called to the National Intelligence Service, in order to be informed about the case of monitoring his phone.

At the same time, according to information from the government officials, Mr. Androulakis’ mobile phone was monitored for three months with the connection, which did not happen when the Predator was interrupted two days after his election as the president of PASOK. According to the government sources, “the process for the links to be legal is not simple. Prosecutorial approval is required for the surveillance, which there apparently was.” However, it should be noted that there was no relevant information.

It is noted that the monitoring in question was not done with the Predator, but with conventional means used by the EYP in corresponding cases.

Androulakis’ complaint acted as a catalyst, say the same sources who point out that the prime minister had no information about the manipulations of the EYP and when it became clear what was happening, he did not allow any room for misinterpretation of his intentions. “The government assumes its political responsibility through the resignation of Dimitriadis, but now justice has the say”, they point out.

His call will be made by the new leader of the EYP, Themistocles Demiris who was appointed as a replacement for Panagiotis Kontoleontos who resigned earlier today.

The resignation of Condoleontos and the announcement of the Office of the Prime Minister

It is recalled that according to a statement from the press office of the prime minister, Mr. Kontoleon resigned “after wrong actions found in the process of legal connections”. And according to government sources, Mr. Kontoleon had not provided the proper information for a legal connection to the Megaro Maximos.

Dimitris Manzos, press representative of PASOK-Movement of Change, in an interview with Real FM, pointed out that “for ten days they have been trying to make us crazy by saying that all this is either not true and is a lie, or if it is true, it is normal” and “today the prime minister’s close relative and his close relative and the EYP commander resigned with a difference of a few minutes” and wondered: “While we have these two resounding resignations, what will the government say? What will the prime minister say? What will all the centers that have been trying to drive us crazy for ten days?”.

“We consider the entire management of the government to be shameful. It is a shame for the Greek Republic that such a serious case, which concerns Justice, democracy, the functioning of our state, has become the subject of such a parapolitical and anti-institutional, ultimately anti-democratic management. It’s a shame that for ten days they want to drive us crazy and today after these two resignations there is this silence and this continuation of disorientation” underlined D. Manzos.

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