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N. Androulakis: Yes to a motion of censure – No to elections in the midst of a pandemic

He will vote in favor the motion of censure against the Government announced the president of KINAL but at the same time clarified that he is against the early elections in the middle of a pandemic with 100 dead a day.

In a televised interview (Open), Nikos Androulakis pointed out that he is voting against the government for this and his party will vote in favor of the motion of censure but will not get involved “in petty partisan games” between the ND and SYRIZA.

He even described the demand for elections with 100 dead a day as unthinkable and immoral, accusing Alexis Tsipras of lack of strategy and consistency.

He noted that if he calculated based on his party interest, he would like elections tomorrow morning. He even insisted on the autonomous course of the party, reiterating that when elections are called, KINAL will be ready with a social democratic government proposal.

It is reminded that earlier in the afternoon, KINAL sources, Commenting on the motion of censure submitted by Alexis Tsipras, they stated that “Mr. Tsipras, in his attempt to find a life jacket for himself, throws a life jacket at Mr. Mitsotakis as well”.

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Source From: Capital

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