N. Dendias: Greece and Bahrain support positions of principle based on international legitimacy

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“Greece and Bahrain support positions of authority that are always based on international legitimacy,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said in joint statements after meeting with Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdellatif al-Zayani, who is paying a visit to Athens.

Mr. Dendias warmly thanked “Bahrain for its support to Greece, within the framework of UNESCO, as well as for Bahrain’s position on the issue of turning the Hagia Sophia into a World Heritage Site”.

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He pointed out that he would brief his counterpart on developments in the wider region and issues related to the Aegean, the challenges facing Greece, the overflights over the islands, “at a time when humanity is focused on Ukraine. “.

“Our common principles and our common values ​​are clear, it is respect for international law, respect for the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, known as UCLOS, which both Bahrain and Greece “they have ratified and that both countries apply strictly”, he noted and added:

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“At the same time, we strongly condemn the use of force and the threat of violence, as provided for in the Charter of the United Nations.”

As he reminded, Greece and Bahrain have a joint candidacy for the Security Council, Greece in ’24 – ’25 and Bahrain in ’25 – 26, but also the Human Rights Council, while he stressed beyond the United Nations, ie the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, cooperation between the two countries and in regional organizations.

The Foreign Minister noted that this is their third meeting in a few minutes, as after Mr. Dendias’s visit to Manama, the Bahraini Foreign Minister had participated in the Friendship Forum in Athens last February.

He added that the “Friendship Forum” is planned to be repeated this year, which “builds bridges between the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, Europe on the basis of common principles and common values.”

Mr. Dendias pointed out that Greece looks forward to deepening the already excellent relations between the two countries, while in the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis to Manama a series of agreements will be signed, which “will create more opportunities for strengthening economic and “Our trade cooperation in many areas, such as energy, with a main focus on renewable energy sources, but also on tourism, digital governance, the financial sector.”

Mr. Dendias also referred to the long, overtime and constructive conversation with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to emphasize that “Greece maintains open channels of communication with everyone and of course with all members of the United Nations Security Council.”

“Greece wants to deepen its cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council,” he said, adding that Greece would continue its efforts to strengthen ties with all Gulf states.

“Our view is that there should be no exceptions, there should be no preferences,” he said. “In fact, there should be no exceptions and preferences that are not based on principles, because for us Bahrain is a friendly country that deserves the support of the European Union.”

Finally, he expressed the desire to visit the Gulf region and especially Bahrain, noting that “it is the most human-friendly area of ​​a rapidly growing neighborhood.”

For his part, Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdelatif al-Zayani spoke about historical relations of friendship and constructive cooperation between the two countries, which are going through a period of development and evolution in various fields.

“We stressed the importance of developing bilateral relations in the various economic, commercial, investment, cultural, tourism, technological and environmental sectors,” he said. “As well as the need to take advantage of the climate that attracts investment in the two countries, the expansion of trade cooperation areas and the strengthening of consortia.”

Joint cooperation in diplomatic education through the Mohamed Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy and the Greek Diplomatic Academy was also discussed.

New data and developments at regional and international level were also discussed, including issues related to the conflicts in the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and the European continent, emphasizing the “need to end all conflicts, the confrontations through dialogue.” and through diplomacy in order to achieve peace, security within the framework of the United Nations Charter and universal values. ”

During the meeting, the developments in the war in Ukraine and the consequences for the stability, security of the European continent were discussed, while the “need for a lasting and stable peaceful settlement in this conflict through negotiations and the diplomatic route within the United States was stressed. Nations “.

“We stressed the need to open passages, safe passages for the civilian population and to send humanitarian aid to the refugees,” he said.

Finally, the importance of international co-operation in tackling all threats, including terrorism, as well as the need for cyber security was emphasized.

Source: Capital

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