N. Dendias: In June, Greece and the USA will announce an initiative for the seas

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“If Turkey has specific weapons systems, there must be specific assurances that it will not use them against Greece,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias told Star about the supply or upgrade of the F-16.

“Greece can not agree to the extent that it has a reason to upgrade its existing weapons systems, if after a while they threaten us in the Aegean. We can not do that,” Dendias added, referring to the country’s objections. in the possible supply of Turkey with F -16.

The Greek Foreign Minister was clear: “Accordingly, Greece will use all its capabilities, wherever it has them, to stop the upgrade of Turkish weapons systems, to the extent that Turkey violates international law, threatens us, Casus Belli continues.” .

Mr. Dendias clarified that “if we ever talk about another Turkey, then there will be another Greek stance. Greece always consistently wishes for another Turkey”.

What he discussed with Blinken

Regarding what he discussed with his US counterpart Antony Blinken at their meeting, Mr. Dendias said about his briefing on the Turkish challenges:

“I have had the opportunity to show him perhaps more maps. Because there has been an issue, the issue of overflights, lately, which is extremely embarrassing. “They have problems and I mean with full responsibility, I mean, Turkey. So this must be explained to the American side so that there is a clear understanding of the field.”

US reaction to Turkey

As to whether there were favorable ears in the US for Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the entire Greek mission, in which he also participated, the Foreign Minister characteristically stated: “I will not tell you, look at the photos and the snapshots”, referring to warm welcome to the Prime Minister, in all his public appearances and attitudes with American officials.

“The whole semiology of this visit and the way they received us gives all the answers that must be given,” added the Greek Foreign Minister.

“Ankara to stop oriental bazaars”

Regarding Turkey’s objections to the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, Mr. Dendias reminded that US President Biden has already taken a stand.

“This is not the time for bargains and there is no room for bargains. Turkey is already quite exposed by not imposing sanctions on Russia. “At the moment the Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom and independence. The last thing Turkey should do – if I may say so because it is an independent country and it will judge – is to start the oriental bargains. It will not benefit it.” Mr. Dendias.

In June, Greece and the United States will announce an initiative for the seas

Regarding his meeting with the US President’s Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, the Secretary of State stated that he is an extremely important person for the American development and stressed the importance of maritime cooperation between Greece and the USA.

“Greece is a country related to the sea and is the country that has the largest merchant shipping in the world. What we are planning together with the American side is an initiative for the seas”, which also concerns the Greek interests, but also global environmental protection, he explained. He also said that the announcement of the initiative for the seas will be made jointly with the American side in June.

Energy and Greece

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also referred to the upgrading of the energy role of Greece, which will supply energy to Bulgaria and other countries of Eastern and Central Europe, through Alexandroupolis, whose role is upgraded through the general infrastructure, as well as the transfer of electricity from Africa that “will confirm that Greece will be the most important energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and the upgrade of its geopolitical role.

The answer to SYRIZA’s criticism

Mr. Dendias attributed SYRIZA’s criticism of the results of the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States to the fact that the country has entered the last year before the elections and described SYRIZA’s stance as “miserable”.

“What I would expect from the official opposition – which is critical and has the right to criticize – to say” two good words “and that I would expect Mr. Tsipras to congratulate the Prime Minister on this issue.


Source: Capital

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