N. Dendias: The US has realized that Turkey is a peculiar partner, operating with revisionism

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“What is Greece facing in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the moment when NATO must be united, how are the Turkish provocations and overflights over Greek territory and the Greek islands working,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias explained to his US counterpart Anthony Blinken. as he stated in a statement after the meeting.

Asked if the Americans understand the problems created by the Turks in Greece and in the cohesion of NATO, Nikos Dendias answered that “during the visit of the Prime Minister and yesterday with the very good meeting with President Biden, but also with the triumphant presence and his speech to Congress today, one thing has become clear: that overall, not just the US government, not just the US administration, not just the President, but the US system as a whole has realized that Greece is a loyal ally that has joined in a system of values: in the system of democracies, in the system of countries that believe that the world should be governed by laws and rules, and on the other hand, that Turkey is a peculiar partner that does not hesitate to break rules and “Many times it works with a strong revision. I think that is now clear.”

Referring in particular to the meeting with the US Secretary of State, Nikos Dendias said that it was very interesting, during which they discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, what Greece can do to help it, as well as the Eastern Mediterranean. .

He also announced that he had a wider discussion with Anthony Blinken on the 3 + 1 initiative, following the recent teleconference of the Foreign Ministers of Greece, Israel, Cyprus + the USA. “We will have to repeat it with a physical presence in September. To deepen this cooperation between Cyprus, Israel and Greece with the participation of the USA, with the prospect of 3 + 1 becoming 4 and expanding to other areas, such as eco-friendly economics, research, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, “he said.

Shortly after meeting with Anthony Blinken at the State Department, the Secretary of State met with US Secretary of State John Kerry’s special envoy. “We had a very big and interesting discussion on the issues of protection of the seas, oceans, the Mediterranean, the Aegean. I think we are working there in a way that will allow us to announce new initiatives very soon,” said Nikos Dendias.

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