N. Dendias: We need a European voice for the huge geopolitical challenges we face

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The message that in the complex environment the EU has a choice: to take greater responsibility for its own security, the security of its member states and the security of European citizens, sent Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias speaking at a conference on the Future of Europe at the University of Pula, Croatia. “What we need to make the European Union a stronger geopolitical power is first and foremost the will and ambition to do so. But also the ability to set our own priorities, to shape our decisions within a common foreign policy. and Political Security, “he said.

Speaking at the same panel with Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman, Nikos Dendias noted that our security environment is one of strategic competition between many powers, between the great powers, but also regional forces with an aggressive stance. noted that climate change, terrorism, hybrid threats and other problems such as pandemics should also be taken into account.

Crystallizing his message further, the Foreign Minister stressed that ensuring a common European security is crucial as we move towards what we hope will be European integration and stressed that in the face of the enormous geopolitical challenges we face, a European voice is certainly needed. but it should be taken seriously by all, while acknowledging that it regrets that “we are not there yet”.

In particular, he explained that a more integrated European Union would be more confident and a more confident EU would be a more secure European Union, capable of also providing more security in the region as a whole. In this regard, he stressed the need on the one hand for more unity and solidarity and on the other hand that security issues will be taken very seriously. “If we want to make the European Union a global player, we have to start at home and in our neighborhood.”

At the same time, Nikos Dendias noted that he and Gordan Grlić Radman, who are members of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers, are well aware of cases in which this has not happened at all.

The Foreign Minister then referred to the EU Global Strategy, noting that he had set a high level of ambition for the role we want to play in this increasingly complex world. “And we have developed new analytical tools for assessing threats and potential crises,” he added. Continuing on the same wavelength, he focused on Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), noting that through it “we are working on a wide range of projects to develop our capabilities and promote close cooperation between Member States”. It is so crucial, he added.

He also mentioned that there are projects that aspire, for example, to the development of a European corvette, a European tank, maritime surveillance systems, cyber security elements that will meet the challenges. In addition, he referred to the European Defense Fund, noting that it has a significant budget aimed at directly supporting research and industry in Europe, which could create long-term benefits for European companies.

Nikos Dendias made a special reference to the Strategic Compass, describing the huge step and how he could take this effort to the next level. “Through this Compass, we have the opportunity to set clear goals and specific projects to be implemented, in order to be able to act globally and ensure our own security,” he stressed.

In this context, he noted that there is a need for a clear strategic perspective for the coming years and clarified that a stronger European defense also makes NATO stronger. He expressed the belief that European defense initiatives also benefit NATO and Euro-Atlantic cooperation, making it clear that we are not talking about two competing worlds.

He emphasized the importance of the EU’s soft power, with an emphasis on the economy, partnerships and the fact that Europe is the world’s largest provider of humanitarian and development aid. He concluded that if all these tools were used, they could ultimately make the European Union a flexible and effective security provider in the 21st century.


Source From: Capital

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