N. Giannakopoulou: Accuracy is increasingly pushing people’s incomes – Inequalities are increasing during the crisis

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“Accuracy is putting more and more pressure on people’s incomes, while inequalities are increasing during the crisis,” said PASOK-Movement for Parliamentary representative Nadia Giannakopoulou, speaking earlier in the debate on the consumer protection bill.

“These days, the issue of the Prime Minister’s visit to the USA, his speech in Congress may dominate, and I would logically say, in the news, and there is already a discussion about the report of this visit, but believe me, the “People of the popular neighborhoods, like the Western Sector where I have the honor to be elected, the first issue is the anxiety to support the staff, the family income”, said Nadia Giannakopoulou.

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“There is a general problem with the accuracy of both consumer goods and petrol prices that have skyrocketed. Pressure on households is there and many feel unprotected and wronged. The government is not cutting fuel taxes, retail profiteering is rampant and there is a “On the one hand, thousands of people are struggling, suffering, on the other hand, some seem to be accumulating wealth hidden but taking advantage of the crisis, like any crisis,” said the PASOK-Movement for Parliamentary representative, adding: “In front of our eyes they are growing inequalities and this becomes more noticeable.On the one hand many who do not “get it out” On the other hand wealth accumulation phenomena often with unfair practices.Let’s take the example of fuel.What exactly happens in the chain: increase in materials, charge from Refineries, charging from carriers, gas stations? Energy, which was finally agreed to be taxed by the Government and we are of course waiting to see how much it is, to see which oil companies or even critical interests for the lives of citizens accumulate super profits, to see what we will do. Then, do the rules of a basic competition work? These are the duties of the Government to control, in this direction it has a duty to take drastic measures. “And if controls increase and fines are imposed, that may not be enough.”

Source: Capital

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