N. Iliopoulos: And with the stamp of Justice, the Novartis scandal existed

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“The decision of the judicial council is a stumbling block in the Mitsotakis government’s attempt to instrumentalize the justice system and turn the Novartis scandal into a so-called scam,” SYRIZA-PS press representative Nasos Iliopoulos underlines in a taped statement.

“No one is cited for their handling of the Novartis case, while the journalists are not even cited, whose guilt for their alleged participation in a conspiracy was announced by Mr. Mitsotakis himself from the floor of the parliament,” he notes, saying that the prime minister is “heavily exposed”.

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“The Novartis scandal is now, even with the stamp of Justice, existing. The attempt to cover it up has failed miserably”, states N. Iliopoulos and concludes:

“The day the country gets rid of the Mitsotakis government will be a good day for the rule of law and democracy. Because the way will be reopened for justice and the Novartis scandal that has so damaged the public interest.”

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Source: Capital

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