N. Iliopoulos: Citizens will choose progressive and democratic political change’

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“Getting rid of the Mitsotakis regime is a democratic and patriotic duty and therefore the elections are a social necessity”, emphasizes the press representative of SYRIZA-PS, Nasos Iliopoulos, in an interview with “Macedonia tis Kyriaki”.

“If anyone looks at the reports in the international press about Greece in the last month, it will be easy to see that Mr. Mitsotakis is the biggest defamer of Greece in the last many years, it is a classic example of extreme right-wing collapse and panic, seeing the Mitsotakis regime in his failures , conspiracy scenarios”.

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When asked if the wiretapping brings the elections closer, he argues that Kyriakos Mitsotakis has two options: “To try to delay the elections, but all the while he should apologize every day to the Greek people, to Europe and to the international press because his government is monitoring politicians, journalists and citizens. On the other hand, it has the option to call immediate elections. Then the next Tsipras government will undertake to clear up this history and shield democratic institutions.”

Mr. Iliopoulos repeats that “the simple proportional ballot box can produce a progressive government” and refers to the presence of Alexis Tsipras at the TIF saying: “at the TIF the main pillars for SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance will be presented which will answer what it means political change. In a climate of extreme inflation, the Mitsotakis government refuses to reduce excise duty on fuel and VAT on basic food items. Can’t Macron in France nationalize the largest energy company to help households and businesses and here Mr . Mitsotakis to insist on the crime of privatizing PPC. Priorities are the change of the bankruptcy law of the ND, the regulation – by erasing a significant part – of the pandemic debt, the strengthening of public health and education and “a different development model that will provide security at work and dignity for the worker. What is certain is that Greek society does not deserve the decline we are experiencing today, and for this reason the citizens will choose progressive and democratic political change”.

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Source: Capital

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