N. Iliopoulos: Does the government and the ND accept the Tsipras proposal to the ADAE?

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The press representative of SYRIZA-PS, Nasos Iliopoulos, accuses the government representative of “aerology” regarding the request of Al. Tsipras to the AIAEA to investigate any other surveillance of political figures.

“We would expect Mr. Economou to answer clearly whether he is in favor or against the initiative of Mr. Tsipras, who asked the Anti-Corruption Commission to conduct an immediate investigation to find out if other MPs and MEPs are being monitored and how many,” he notes. N. Iliopoulos and continues:

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“Things are simple: Does the government and the ND accept the Tsipras proposal? If they accept it, let’s send the phone numbers of all the members of our parliamentary groups to the Anti-Corruption Commission tomorrow, in order for it to conduct an investigation.”

“If he does not accept it, many words are poverty: Mr. Mitsotakis is guilty and trembles at the revelation of the truth”, he emphasizes.

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Source: Capital

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