N. Iliopoulos: Enormous responsibility of ND for the current social impasses

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“The country urgently needs progressive political change, elections are a social need,” SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nassos Iliopoulos told Alpha 9.89.

He said it was “the first time a prime minister has invoked opposition and not a nationalist rhetoric to leave a window open for early elections”. He claimed that “in fact Mr. Mitsotakis is asking for a radio silence, he does not want there to be criticism in the country”, but “it is not possible that there is no political criticism in the country where for the majority of society the month does not come out”. He said that the Mitsotakis government is multiplying the crises and stated in particular that for 2021 food in Greece was almost 5% more expensive than the EU average, a gap that “continues for May” Also, “inflation in Greece for food is at 11% while the European average is at 7.5% “and at the same time” 1/3 of households spend more than 40% on housing needs and all this in the only eurozone country where the minimum wage is lower than that of 2010 “. He also criticized ND for labor, saying that for her “it is populism to talk about collective agreements” and that in tourism “she has made Manolades”, a reason for which “50,000 jobs have been left vacant in tourism this year”.

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Mr. Iliopoulos stated that the Prime Minister together with his ministers “owe 12.7 million euros in loans and deny that there is evidence in their desires, so that we know at least whether these loans are serviced or not” and that “ND as a party owes 350 million euros “. He commented that the ND is a political force of “deep institutional lawlessness” and “has a huge responsibility for the current social impasses, at a time when we have a political staff that denies control over itself.”

He stressed that “the country can have a progressive government from the first ballot box with a simple proportional system” and that this is why SYRIZA-PS speaks programmatically, pointing out that the call “is addressed to every progressive force”. He said that “every progressive democratic citizen today wants the government and politics of Mitsotaki to be defeated” and stressed that “any progressive, left-wing political force that underestimates this goal will be punished by the citizens”.

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He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. He said that the case is a typical example of what trampling means at the social level, commenting that “in Greece, too, the debate on the rights of the unborn child has recently begun, even with top government officials, such as Mr. Georgiadis, reproducing this rhetoric “. “Trumpism also exists in our country and is in the SW,” he said.

Source: Capital

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