N. Iliopoulos harsh criticism of the government regarding the bankruptcy code

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Harsh criticism of the government for the implementation of a bankruptcy code “worse” than the one proposed by the lenders during the years of the Memorandum, the press representative of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nasos Iliopoulos, speaking to the television station “OPEN”.

Referring to the case of the eviction of the journalist Ioanna Kolovou from her house, which is being auctioned, he underlined: “It is unthinkable for a person, a woman who has lost her job, to lose her house for a debt of 15,000 euros”. “This is beyond unfair and infuriating when it happens at a time when the country now has the possibility to vote on its own bankruptcy code and when the government has voted for a bankruptcy code worse than the one proposed by the IMF during the Memorandum years,” he noted. Nasos Iliopoulos. “It is doubly challenging, at a time when the members of the government together with the prime minister owe 12 million euros in loans that no one knows how or if they will be serviced, while the ND party owes 350 million euros to the banks,” he added.

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“The latest figures show that 1 in 2 tenants in the country is unable to pay the rent. At the same time, while in the EU the average arrears of bills is at 7%, in Greece it is at 30%. This means that new debts are accumulating which fuel new bad loans,” he explained.

Asked about the outcome of the NATO Summit, Nasos Iliopoulos stated that “we must end the convenient lie that Turkey is isolated”. “Unfortunately, Turkey is gaining ground with the basic weapon that we also say the country should use, diplomacy. Based on the agreement it made with Sweden and Finland, Turkey will have a say in the European security and defense policy. A country that does not respect international law, a country that does not respect any rules of the rule of law will have a say: right now journalists who criticize the Turkish President are in prison, political opponents of Erdogan are in prison, the head of the third largest party , of the HDP, the left-wing party that reaches 12% in a climate of terrorism, is in prison,” he explained and added: “Turkey left the NATO Summit with an upgraded role. We have a government that in foreign policy has no serious strategy, he just runs after problems”.

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“The Greek side did not put any conditions in this process, on the contrary, Turkey managed to get an important agreement. Unless we consider Turkey to have a say in the EU’s defense and security policy, we are not concerned. The government said that it does not worry her. Cyprus, however, as shown by the statements of its government officials, she is worried”, he pointed out and commented: “With diplomacy we can achieve victories. With diplomacy and the Prespa Agreement, we expelled the Turkish aircraft from our northern borders, because at the moment we have Greek aircraft on the border with North Macedonia”.

Regarding the “Turkaegean” case, Nassos Iliopoulos commented that “it is infuriating that a government made up of patriotic Macedonian fighters should make an EDE for its own inadequacies, not even having the courage to take responsibility for its mistakes”. “When Mr. Mitsotakis himself covers for Mr. Georgiadis – I don’t know why he is afraid of him – and they say that the problem for this huge fiasco is an official one, when the government representative says that nothing happened, then it is reasonable to be concerned “, he underlined and added: “We have a prime minister who is afraid of foreign policy, does not set limits and has no strategy”.

Finally, speaking a little later on the “Sto Kokkino” radio station and referring to the sudden loss of Ilias Nikolakopoulos, he noted:

“It’s really hard to talk about a man who until last week you worked with him, listened to his analysis, Elias was a man who always had something to give you.” “Since yesterday so many things have been said about this huge loss,” he said, adding:

“Ilias Nikolakopoulos also played a crucial role in the processing of the Cyprus file that came out of the Hellenic Parliament when Nikos Voutsis was president, a crucial archival material whose publication and study must continue.”

Source: Capital

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