N. Iliopoulos: Here and now dilution measures in schools and means of transport

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The responsibilities of the government for the fact that the pandemic is once again out of control, was highlighted by the spokesperson of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nassos Iliopoulos.

“We can not forget that last year’s second wave left a huge wound, especially for northern Greece in which the majority of losses were outside the ICU”, he noted (“Radio Thessaloniki 94.5 FM) ..” It is tragic “, added Nasos Iliopoulos , that “a year later the indicators of the pandemic are in a worse position: at the moment for example we have 477 intubated, while last year on the corresponding day we had 228”.

“At the same time, we have a government that is constantly cultivating the illusion that the pandemic is over,” said Nassos Iliopoulos. proved to be an endless Golgotha ​​”.

Referring to the government’s serious responsibilities for the current situation, he pointed out that “in conditions of a pandemic, it is not possible to merge 1,000 school departments nationwide and create classes with 29 students”. “It is not possible when Mr. Karamanlis was found positive in Parliament – and we wish him well – the plenary process to be interrupted, while a school class – when there is a positive child – to continue working until 50% + 1 of the students become ill “, stressed Nassos Iliopoulos.

He also noted that “it does not happen with about 7,000 cases a day, some of which have certainly come in contact with vaccinated workers, these workers the next morning should have to go to work normally.” “Teleworking needs to return to a number of areas that can be implemented,” said Nassos Iliopoulos. “It is not possible for the public budget of ’22 for health to be reduced by 900 million – something that seems to accompany the statement of Mr. Skertsos that we do not need a ‘luxury’ health system”, he added.

Regarding vaccination, he stressed the need “for all citizens to be vaccinated immediately”, but also stated that “there is a specific responsibility for the failure of the vaccination program and it belongs to the government”. “It is the government of ND that believed that it could proceed with the vaccination without enhancing the primary care, without having the family doctor to talk to his patient who has reservations and to convince him”, explained Nassos Iliopoulos.

He said that “the data of the polls show that the percentage of conscious vaccinators does not exceed 15%”. “From 15% to 40%, then, there is the clear responsibility of the Mitsotakis government. A government that has a Minister of Health, a man who, a few months ago, stated that it is not their responsibility to convince the citizens to be vaccinated,” he said. the spokesman. “If it is not their responsibility, to go home”, clarified Nasos Iliopoulos.

Regarding the issue that arose for entering the churches, he accused Kyriakos Mitsotakis that “in the midst of a pandemic, he counts votes and treats all the faithful as vaccinators, something that does not apply”. He reiterated that “we have a Minister of Health who addresses a specific far-right audience and previously – as a member of the LAOS – had characterized the AMKA as a conspiracy of Jewish Freemasonry.”

Referring to the proposals of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, he stressed: “we urgently need to have mass free tests for everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated – the government can not punish those who did not get the vaccine by depriving them of access to the test.” “We need dilution measures here and now in schools but also in the means of transportation,” he added, recalling Ms. Linou’s statement that if the situation was better in the MMM we could have had up to 3,000 fewer human losses. “And the private health sector must be urged here and now, first of all in the ‘red’ areas,” he stressed.

Finally, when asked about a possible lockdown, he clarified: “the measures to strengthen the NSS and protect public health, which we propose, are precisely to prevent us from reaching such a point – which will obviously signal the absolute failure of the government.”

“In any case, where there are restrictive measures, the government must also take measures of financial support”, added Nassos Iliopoulos. “One such measure – which I do not understand why ND has so far refused to proceed with – is the settlement and write-off of the private debt of small and medium-sized enterprises, which was born during the pandemic,” he said. “It is a measure that will keep businesses alive, will keep jobs and at the end of the day will bring revenue to the public treasury, which would otherwise be lost,” concluded the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman.


Source From: Capital

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