N. Iliopoulos: Lies and panic in yesterday’s interview with K. Mitsotakis

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SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nasos Iliopoulos spoke about “lies and panic” of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in yesterday’s interview.

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“Mr. Mitsotakis lied about the issues of the pandemic and showed panic about the issue of accuracy,” he said characteristically.

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“Society pays dearly for the Mitsotakis government – and in the part of human life”, said Nassos Iliopoulos and stressed: “at the moment the country is again twice above the EU average in losses in proportion to the inhabitants”. “We are in the middle of the ‘last month of the pandemic,’ as government officials say, and we have already mourned 942 of our fellow citizens,” he said. Red 105.5 FM “)

“And in this situation, Mr. Mitsotakis – the same person who in the summer compared human lives with acres – was not ashamed yesterday to put human lives on the scales with tourism”, he noted.

“Also, Kyriakos Mitsotakis lied vulgarly about prescribing the tests, claiming that this is not the rule in Europe,” said Nassos Iliopoulos. Unvaccinated citizens, in England a free test is performed in the British NSS if there are symptoms of coronavirus, in Germany PCR is prescribed after the onset of symptoms, in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Austria also is prescribed, while S is free. and Denmark “, the spokesman explained and added:” it is clear that yesterday we had another huge lie from the side of Kyriakos Mitsotakis “.

Referring to the issues of the economy, he stressed that “at a time when the country is recording a negative 10-year record in inflation, Mr. Mitsotakis announces an increase in the minimum wage in May.” they can respond, he does not answer “, pointed out Nassos Iliopoulos. “Also, with his announcement yesterday, Mr. Mitsotakis essentially admitted that the 2% increase he is giving now is a joke, that is, he continues a policy of freezing the minimum wage”, he commented.

“Three years of Mitsotaki’s government mean the reduction of 2.5 billion euros in pensions,” he said, “as ND abolished the permanent expenditure of 850 million euros the year that SYRIZA had voted in 2019, to restore part of the 13th pension ”. “At the same time, youth unemployment is rising again, in 2014 it was at 52.4%, in 2019 we handed it over to 35% and now it is at 39%, along with the labor looting brought by the current government,” he said. .

“Any increase in the minimum wage must be given here and now”, Nassos Iliopoulos underlined, saying characteristically: “now society is affected by precision, not in May”. “We are proposing to increase the minimum wage to 800 euros, in this way Greece will cease to be the only country in the eurozone where the minimum wage is lower than in 2010,” he explained. write-off of part of the private debt born in the pandemic. “Only in this way will the small and medium enterprises remain open, the jobs will be maintained and we will not face a new plague with thousands of padlocks and an explosion of unemployment”, clarified Nasos Iliopoulos. “And still, there is a need for tariff intervention in electricity and reduction of excise duties on natural gas and fuel,” he added.

“It is clear that we have a government that neither wants nor can defend the security of society against the pandemic and accuracy,” said Nassos Iliopoulos.

“From our side, we will continue to submit proposals for all small and big issues, claiming the political change”, concluded the spokesperson of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance.

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Source From: Capital

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