N. Iliopoulos: Mr. Mitsotakis empties the pockets of the citizens at the gas stations with one hand and then returns crumbs with the other

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“Mitsotaki’s mockery of the most expensive fuels in Europe exceeds all limits,” said SYRIZA-PS spokesman Nassos Iliopoulos in a statement.

“After denying for months the reduction of the EFK, which would be a great breath for consumers, now it announces the extension of the meager subsidy for the three months before the escape elections it plans, because it has a large income from the bleeding of citizens directly through the EFK and VAT on fuel “, he notes and concludes:” That is, with one hand he empties the pockets of the citizens at the gas stations and the state increases its income from the unprecedented prices to 2.5 euros, and then with the other it returns crumbs, as he said and “Mr. Staikouras, to consumers. And he has the audacity to present it as a social policy.”

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Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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