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N. Iliopoulos: Our national liar, Mr. Economou once again resorts to demagogy and populism

N. Iliopoulos: Our national liar, Mr. Economou once again resorts to demagogy and populism

In today’s statements of the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou that he has not proposed “specific” measures, Al. Tsipras is answered by the spokesperson of SYRIZA-PS, Nassos Iliopoulos.

“Our national liar, the government spokesman Mr. Economou, once again resorts to demagogy and populism in an attempt to hide the criminal responsibilities of the government. From the beginning of the pandemic, Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA are constantly coming back with new proposals for measures for to avoid the worst “, he underlines, noting that” unfortunately for the citizens, Mr. Mitsotakis, instead of adopting them, condemns them to another horizontal quarantine “.

“The last package of nine measures proposed by SYRIZA was just last week”, he continues and quotes it “maybe even now they will adopt some of the measures and we can save what is saved”.

Specifically, N. Iliopoulos states the following:

– Immediate order for private clinics and military hospitals so that we do not have 150 people waiting for an ICU every day, resulting in hundreds of losses that could have been prevented, as confirmed by the study of Tsiodra-Lytra.

Mandatory rapid tests with compensation from the State for all, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

– Immediate resumption of teleworking to the maximum extent possible.

– Immediate recruitment of more than 800 doctors who have done their paperwork and are waiting on the waiting lists to join the NSS.

– Immediate activation of the Primary Care for pre-hospital care by charging each case at a respective health reference point (TOMY, Health Center or Health professional).

– Measures to avoid coloration in mass spaces and MMM.

– Preparation by hiring express substitute teachers for the opening of schools after the holidays by breaking sections and immediate change of the 50 + 1% protocol that has turned the schools into an incubator of extreme spread of the virus in the community.

– Immediate start of a nationwide campaign for the first and third dose of vaccine, door-to-door as in the Portuguese model, with the assistance of the Local Government and all the bodies of each region.

– Immediate restart of the vaccination program for children, which until yesterday was frozen with the platform remaining closed for several days.



Source From: Capital