N. Iliopoulos: Society pays dearly to the Mitsotakis government

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“Mr. Mitsotakis continues not to take substantial measures to be precise. At the moment, society is paying dearly for the Mitsotakis government,” said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nassos Iliopoulos, speaking to the “First Program”.

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He said that from the beginning the government underestimated the problem of accuracy, announcing to the TIF a budget of “only 150 million euros for electricity, in the logic that this problem will bother us until Christmas”, while “we have since said that especially for “Energy problem will last at least 9 months, while already in the US analysts are talking about even two years.” He noted that “today we have reached a negative 10-year record with December inflation at 5.1% and we see at 135% on natural gas, 34% on heating oil, 45% on electricity.” He added that they must take into account that “in the 3 years of Mitsotakis’s rule, 2.5 billion euros have been cut by pensioners, as the government abolished the -populated by the SYRIZA government in ’19 – permanent annual expenditure of 850 million for the restoration of part of the 13th pension “.

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Mr. Iliopoulos reiterated the position of SYRIZA-PS to increase the minimum wage to 800 euros, emphasizing that “Greece is the only country in the eurozone that has a minimum wage lower than 2010”. “The last real increase in the minimum wage was made in 2018 by the SYRIZA government, an increase of 11% to the minimum and 27% for young people with the abolition of the minimum,” he said, adding that “then unemployment continued to fall, while “Private consumption has also increased.” He also said that a part of the pandemic debt, ie the private debt that was born during the pandemic, needs to be settled and written off immediately, and that this way “small and medium-sized businesses will remain open, will be able to repay the rest of their debt and of course jobs”. “For us, this is a key proposal for the operation of the market,” he said.

Regarding the pandemic, he commented that “with the way the schools operate, with the current situation in the means of transport, with the situation prevailing in the health system, in the fourth wave the country managed to be twice above the EU average in losses in proportion to the inhabitants “and that” unfortunately already in the first half of January we have lost 942 people “. He noted that schools must operate safely and that “there is no parking for children”. He reiterated that SYRIZA from the beginning asked not to apply the 50% + 1 protocol, commenting that “of course many parents do not send their children to school after the first or second case in the classroom”. He added that “when in the first two days of school operation 25,000 cases have been found and the government has not provided special purpose permits for working parents whose children are ill, ‘sending’ them to work, then we see a government that is literally dealing society as a herd “.

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