N. Iliopoulos: The government’s policy for ‘market liberalization’ is a ‘statement of guilt for what followed’

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“Things in the country can and must go differently,” said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman Nassos Iliopoulos, speaking on OPEN television.

Reiterating SYRIZA’s call for elections, he noted that “the energy crisis has hit Greece much harder and the government’s responsibility is clear.” “If one looks at the data, one finds that at EU level the price of electricity has risen by an average of 20% to 30%. In Greece it has risen by 80%. Also, in our country 99% of the increases in wholesale go to the consumer. “The second country in this ranking is Austria with 46%,” he said.

“This situation affects the masses more. 10% of inflation hits a person who is on the basic salary much more, especially if we see the rise in food,” said Nassos Iliopoulos. He added that “Mr. Mitsotakis’s statement that inflation arose, exclusively imported, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine” does not correspond to reality. “Already in December and January we recorded negative inflation records. We have a government, which with its policy, with the privatization of PPC, with the violent de-ligation, coordinates the looting of the people’s income”, he underlined. He also recalled Hatzidaki’s statement when he was Minister of Energy, that “we are proceeding with the liberalization of the market”, which he characterized as “a statement of guilt for what followed”.

Regarding the measures that the government intends to take in the next period, he stressed: “The crucial question is whether it will introduce a ceiling on the price of electricity or whether the state will come, with the money of the citizens, to cover the profits of the energy companies.” . “What is needed is to really enter the ceiling and not to subsidize the notoriety”, commented Nassos Iliopoulos. “There are European tools, tools that the Commission has adopted since the October toolbox, such as the reduction of the excise duty on fuel. But the government has no plan to stop this situation,” he said.

Asked about developments in Greek-Turkish, he said: “Let us ask ourselves how many times the government has used the argument that Erdogan is isolated, that Turkey is in a difficult position and we are gaining points, and how many times we are finally in an escalation of its aggression. on the Turkish side “. “The policy of the given and the predictable ally that Mr. Mitsotakis is following, has not brought results. There are central mistakes here. The government chose not to proceed with the sanctions against Turkey, it chose not to build on the first decision of the European Summit for sanctions, in the summer of 2019, which the Republic of Cyprus managed to win in cooperation with the then government of SYRIZA “, explained Nassos Iliopoulos.

Finally, referring to the loss of the great composer Vangelis Papathanassiou, he pointed out: “His journey is an important proof of how civilization can cross borders, to leave landmarks that unite the whole planet.” “We owe him great gratitude and I hope the state will do everything it can to honor his work, to keep this memory alive,” the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesman concluded.

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Source: Capital

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