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N. Iliopoulos: The responsibility for the wiretapping belongs to K. Mitsotakis, the only solution is the elections

N. Iliopoulos: The responsibility for the wiretapping belongs to K. Mitsotakis, the only solution is the elections

“The responsibility for the wiretapping has a name, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The only solution to this point is the elections,” said the press representative of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nasos Iliopoulos.

When asked (t/s SKAI) about yesterday’s meeting of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency in the Parliament and the aversion of the new head of the EYP that no one is exempt from surveillance, he noted: “yesterday’s discussion comes after yesterday’s inability of Mr. Oikonomou to refute the Kathimerini report that seven political figures are being monitored”. “Mr. Economou said that the government and Mr. Mitsotakis do not know anything, so in reality what they are saying is that there are two scapegoats, the nephew of the prime minister, Mr. Dimitriadis and the former commander of the EYP and whatever if anything else comes up, we will throw it at them”, said Nasos Iliopoulos.

“Mr. Mitsotakis, in this particular case, has not just been caught with the goat on his back, but with a flock on his back,” he repeated. “Yesterday, Politico revealed that from the first moment the government aimed at a cover-up. On July 29, the Commission sent a letter to the Greek side requesting information, in relation to the first revelations that had been made about the use of the Predator. The official response of of the Greek government on August 2 was “don’t get involved”, that it is a matter of national security…”, underlined Nasos Iliopoulos.

“Mr. Mitsotakis tomorrow in the Parliament will have to answer what is the national security reason why they were monitoring the then MEP and later leader of the third parliamentary party, Mr. Androulakis,” he said.

“In his intervention, Kyriakos Mitsotakis had two deep contradictions. First, how is it possible that there is political responsibility but it is assumed by an unelected person, Mr. Dimitriadis? Political responsibility belongs to the prime minister, to the man who appointed Mr. Dimitriadis, to the man who changed the law in order to appoint in his place the former commander of the EYP, who did not have the formal qualifications, to the man who, based on the Official Gazette, has the EYP under his supervision”, explained Nasos Iliopoulos and added: ” it is not possible for Mr. Mitsotakis to say that it was legal to monitor Androulakis, but if I had known about it we would not have done it”. “Mr. Mitsotakis is not a sultan to break the law – except that it wasn’t legal anyway,” he pointed out.

“However, let’s not forget”, he added, “that there was also the monitoring of the journalist Thanasis Koukakis, a man who investigated financial scandals, who has collaborated with the Financial Times and whose monitoring is possibly related to the Financial Times’ report on government regulations which facilitate the laundering of black money in Greece”.

He also emphasized that “the government passed an amendment, according to which the EYP does not inform the ADAE about the monitoring and therefore the citizen cannot be informed either”.

Asked about the ND’s intention for the investigation to cover previous periods as well, he underlined: “let them do as many investigations as they want, at the moment we have something specific that needs to be investigated”. “There must be an investigation for Predator, Androulakis and Koukakis,” he said. “It is not possible that the former general secretary of the prime minister has disappeared all this time. There are critical questions about the relations of Mr. Dimitriadis with Intellexa which has the Predator software, the government has so far not audited the accounts of such companies”, he explained and added: “what we suspect is that the government is hiring malware services for surveillance.” “Why have the secret funds in the ministries multiplied so much? Why, for example, should the Ministry of Mr. Stylianides have secret funds?”, he noted.

Referring to the issue of accuracy, Nasos Iliopoulos pointed out: “megawatt hour price in Greece 616 euros, megawatt hour price in Spain 182 euros”. “This is because the government supports those who make a fortune in the energy market. It takes 2 billion from the citizens and gives it to the providers, so the government robs the society. In the first seven months, the tax revenue of the budget has been exceeded by 5 billion, this is overtaxation. And this is because in conditions of extreme inflation, the VAT on fuel and the VAT on basic food items have not been reduced,” he underlined.

“A solution to the private debt created in the pandemic is urgently needed, with regulation and a bold write-off. What is needed here and now is substantial precision measures that can reduce electricity bills by 50%, with a price cap and disconnection price of electricity from natural gas”, Nasos Iliopoulos concluded.

Source: Capital