N. Karathanassopoulos: The many pay and the few reap

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“The many pay to reap the benefits of the few”, said the general rapporteur of the KKE Nikos Karathanassopoulos, during the discussion of the 2022 Budget in the Parliament. The MP described the budget as a means of class redistribution, paid by the many for the benefit of the few and used for a second redistribution, in the context of poverty management, where the poor pay the relief allowances of the poorest, to whom governments have condemned the class nature of their policies.

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“Tax revenues are estimated at more than 50 billion euros, an increase of 3.5 billion euros compared to this year. The lion’s share of this increase will come from indirect taxes, the most unpopular taxes “which are mainly borne by the people’s incomes and which constitute 57% of the total tax revenues”, said the general rapporteur of the KKE and added that in essence, the total tax revenues are loaded on the backs of the people, while on the contrary, the participation of business is moving at symbolic levels, less than 5% of total tax revenue, despite increasing their profitability.

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“The tax system is anti-popular over time,” said Nikos Karathanassopoulos, noting that the situation has worsened with the new tax burdens imposed on the people during the memorandum era and will continue to deteriorate due to tax competition leading to continued tax cuts. businesses, and new tax exemptions.

Referring to the expenditure side, the KKE MP said that “capitalist business groups have won again, because despite the increase in GDP that the government advertises, and the increase in tax revenues, the expenditures for the workers, for the pensions, for health, education “. Mr. Karathanassopoulos stated that the basis of this policy is the green and digital transition, a transition that is not class neutral and will contribute to the further widening of inequalities. Indicatively, he mentioned that the funding of the Ministry of Environment is tripled, the funding from the Ministry of Digital Government is tripled to form infrastructure that is necessary for the needs of the monopolies. All this, while in the calendars remains the necessary infrastructure for the protection of public property and human life, ie infrastructure for integrated flood protection, for integrated fire protection, for seismic shielding, “because these are infrastructures that enter the front bed of cost-benefit” . The KKE MP also pointed out the increase in spending on armaments programs that serve imperialist plans. “A total of 7.5 billion will be given for new armaments programs and NATO needs,” Mr Karathanassopoulos said.

“The government is celebrating the high growth rates of GDP. The other parties are also converging on this need, the high growth rates. cheap and expendable labor force, said Nikos Karathanassopoulos, who blamed the current and previous governments for jointly increasing the exploitation of the working class. is doomed to live on 350 euros a month, the government is planning new tax incentives, spatial, urban incentives, financing packages to support business group investment plans, “submits everything to the needs of business groups.” Nikos Karathanassopoulos noted, results from the taxation of employees and a new shame that the masses will be called upon to pay again. At the same time, the groups subsidize the groups for their employees, for their salaries and insurance contributions, and the government has reached the point of subsidizing 100% of the salaries and insurance contributions for the young employees aged 19 to 20, who will be employed by businesses in de-lignified areas.

“Unpaid work is skyrocketing today, but at the same time the profits of business groups are skyrocketing,” said the KKE’s general rapporteur, adding: the squeezing of the average wage “.

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