N. Panagiotopoulos for leaks: These behaviors must be dealt with in terms of a military penal code

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“These behaviors are to be treated in terms of the military penal code and not in a relaxed manner,” said Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos in an interview with the newspaper “Ta Nea”, when asked to comment on his recent urging in Parliament to the authorities. of the Staffs to take actions to control the phenomenon of leaks.

Mr. Panagiotopoulos reiterated his concern about the leak anywhere in the media, classified information on security issues such as. stocks and systems capabilities of the Armed Forces. “We must all assume our responsibilities. I will give directions immediately,” he said.

For the replacement of the “BMP-1” Armored Vehicles by an equal number of “Marder 1A3” he reiterated that the agreement is considered beneficial and advantageous for the Armed Forces, according to the opinion of the Staffs. “Marders” are more modern compared to “BMP-1”, with better support capabilities and capabilities in the field, he stressed, while describing as critical the issue of simultaneous replacement of “BMP-1” with them, so as not to there is the slightest gap in our defensive lineup. “Our goal is to move fast but also to ensure what we ask for,” he said.

Regarding the further strengthening of the Fleet, he announced that “at the moment, the Navy is considering the final proposals from the companies interested in the corvette program and for the upgrade of four MEKOs so that the decisions can be taken within the summer, according to the schedule”. He noted that “it is absolutely crucial to complete the relevant investment initiatives at the Skaramaga and Elefsina shipyards in order to bring shipbuilding work to Greece, but to shipyards with upgraded capabilities in order to execute it properly and quickly. I estimate that we are very close.” .

Answering a question “about the growing provocation on the part of Turkey, which so openly and formally questions the sovereignty of Greek islands”, Mr. Panagiotopoulos estimated that perhaps the Turkish leadership is annoyed by the fact that Greece with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis systematically builds strategic alliances with strong international players and at the same time rapidly upgrades the overall deterrent power of the Armed Forces. The escalation may be due in part to pre-election tactics, in order to rally the internal audience around the face of the leader who is facing serious internal problems, especially in the economic field.

“In any case, what the government and the prime minister are interested in is building a strong wall to stop Turkish revisionism, in order to vigorously defend our sovereign rights. This is what we have sought from the beginning, this is what we are doing,” he said.

Answering a question whether we can have a repeat of the “hot” summer of 2020, after reiterating that the geopolitical environment is not only complicated, but has now become fluid and dangerous, he pointed out:

“It takes all our concentration, all our forces to be ready, combative and deterrent. It takes constant work on many fronts (alliances, multilateral or bilateral formations, collaborations, armaments, infrastructure) by many. But I have confidence in the Armed Forces personnel. “Forces, from the leadership to the base of the hierarchy, that they will respond as they did in the summer of 2020 and whenever required. We as the political leadership are here to help them do their job better.”

The Minister of National Defense referred to the actions of the government in the last two years to strengthen the Armed Forces as a whole “not in a climate of calm and comfort, but in very difficult conditions from the almost simultaneous management of unprecedented crises and even war on European soil.” .

He recalled the contracts for the supply of 24 Rafale and the ongoing modernization of F-16s in Viper, the imminent receipt of the first Romeo helicopters, the gradual receipt of M1117 armor, the acquisition of three state-of-the-art Belharra frigates, the Israeli missile systems, the strategic agreement to establish an international Ikarus training center in Kalamata, the follow-up contracts for Apache, Mirage 2000-5 and C-27 transport already improving availability. There was a serious plan, “We have achieved tangible results and we are continuing,” he said.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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