N. Papathanasis: Greece is in a dynamic course of development

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Greece is in a dynamic course of development, stressed the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Nikos Papathanasis at the first joint hybrid meeting of the boards of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Attica Regional Chamber Council.

At the meeting, according to an announcement by the chamber, issues of protection and operation of the market, issues of the Attica RDP and the new Development Law were discussed, while the overall economic picture formed by the elements of the new budget was examined.

According to the announcement, “the meeting noted the strong concern for the financial support of the shipbuilding-shipbuilding sector, for points of the legal framework that affect – limit the investment plans of supply chain companies with the exclusion of grants, while a number of related issues were raised. with the functions of the business parks, with emphasis on the provision of incentives and facilities for the development of the areas of Attica, where there are industrial concentrations and, in general, processing activities “.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis, the Secretary General of Industry, Thomas Eftychidou, addressed the Attica Regional Governor, George Patoulis, and regarding the Attica Regional Development Plan, the parameters of the Dimitrios Drossis.

Mr. Papathanasis, as the announcement states, on the occasion of the beginning of the discussion on strategic investments, described key parameters of the interventions that will aim at creating a dynamic pro-investment environment. He stressed that Greece is in a dynamic course of development, referred to the structural programs, development tools to support investment, to emphasize, in particular, that planning to reduce bureaucracy is in full swing. He also referred to the new regional aid map, but also to the package of legislation that is coming and which will give impetus to business activities.

Ms. Eftychidou referred to the new Development Law and especially to the industrial parks, analyzing elements of their development policy, as well as the planned interventions in logistics.

From the side of the Attica region, Mr. Drossis stressed that it is a bet to properly use, according to the needs created by the pandemic, the funds provided by the NSRF 2021-27, with emphasis on small and medium enterprises. He presented the goals and parameters of the new Attica RDP that will form a “smart” region, noting the importance of participating in the consultation of chambers in shaping development plans, while focusing on the Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship-Business Innovation and Digital Transformation program. Commenting on the new program, he stressed, once again, that, regarding the absorption of funds, timely planning and elaboration of plans is required, in order to achieve immediate activation and utilization of the new NSRF.

Finally, as stressed by the president of EVEP and PESA Vassilis Korkidis, the market avoids the imposition of a generalized lockdown, as is the case in other European capitals, with members of both boards strongly advocating that the proper observance of the new emergency measures will take away from the Greek reality such a possibility and the consequences that will follow such a development, as the market hopes for the festive market, the “beginning” of which begins in essence with black Friday. The market, commented Mr. Vassilis Korkidis, has pinned its hopes on the movement of the days remaining until the east of 2022, noting that it must remain “open” and approach the new measures with an encouraging mood and not a suspensive confrontation.



Source From: Capital

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