N. Pappas: ‘Mitsotaki staff state was once again caught unprepared’

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“The staff state of Mitsotaki was caught once again unprepared and in a panic”, underlines in a statement the head of Infrastructure and Transport of SYRIZA-PS, Nikos Pappas. He points out that “the bad weather that also affects the Basin, although its arrival was known for days, has created problems in the movement of public transport”.

“The metro routes to the airport stop at Doukissis Plakentias, as no maintenance of the” keys “was foreseen in view of snowfall and they froze. The first current TRAINOSE routes to Chalkida were canceled. “without considering which lines may face a problem and which not”, he emphasizes, adding that “at the same time, the citizens are waiting without information at the snowy and frost-dangerous suburban docks for the airport and Chalkida, but also at the bus stops. “.

“A big thank you to the employees of the Public Transport who are fighting to keep the transport upright”, he notes and concludes: due to government inaction and staff incompetence “.

Source From: Capital

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