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Naiara Azevedo shows bruises and details property violence

Naiara Azevedo spoke about the allegation of aggression by her ex-husband, Rafael Cabral, accusing him of property violence, and showed images of bruises that would have been caused by the physical attacks.

The singer was interviewed by Fantástico, from Globo, last Sunday (3), and explained how she realized that she was living in a situation of violence in her former relationship.

“I had already suffered physical, moral and psychological violence. But the patrimonial was my trigger, it was where I understood that I was being prevented from working,” she stated.

According to Naiara stated in an interview, she was a victim of property violence and Rafael Cabral controlled the flow of money that entered the couple’s home. In addition to being her husband, he was also the singer’s manager.

“In the first two years of my career, my biggest revenues were 4, 5, 7 million. Do you know how much I saw per month? A thousand reais. He said, ‘What do you want money for? You have everything’. I didn’t have access to anything,” he explained.

The singer also showed images of bruises on her arm, from photos that were attached to the lawsuit against her ex-husband.

“It’s a very difficult thing, I don’t judge anyone who goes through this type of situation. In fact, I already participated in a campaign of violence against women, and I was passing through my house, I couldn’t tell anyone. Actually, I could, I just didn’t have the courage,” she says.

Remember Naiara’s case

The country singer went to the Goiás Civil Police’s Flagrant and Emergency Citizen Service Center, in the early hours of last Thursday (30), to file a complaint about physical attacks and threats suffered by her ex-husband. The information was confirmed to CNN by a police officer.

In a statement, the Civil Police of Goiás informs that it registered a police report regarding the incident that occurred with the singer. The artist was referred to the State Police Station for Specialized Assistance to Women (Deaem), which is already taking investigative measures as provided for in the Maria da Penha Law.

To the police, Naiara reported that she had a disagreement with businessman Raphael Alves Cabral and his brother this Wednesday (29). The fight allegedly started because the brothers prevented the singer from transporting some stage equipment to the location of her next show that would be jointly owned by the artist and her ex-husband’s family.

The objects would have been locked in a warehouse to which she did not have access.

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*Published by Iasmin Paiva

Source: CNN Brasil

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