Naked activist appeared on TV show: “Are her buttocks on the couch?”

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Those who watched the British were left speechless TV show This Morning when they saw a guest appear completely naked on the studio couch. Her goal was to make people aware of her climate change, in an admittedly special way.

Laura Amherst, a protester from the Extinction Rebellion movement, was invited to the show on Thursday to talk about why she uses her bold methods to raise awareness about the issue, according to the British Mirror.

The banner that the people in charge of the show had written on the screen read: “I protest topless to save the planet”. She told the presenters that in an ideal world, people would hear what she has to say about climate change immediately and so she would not have to resort to extreme measures to get their attention.

The naked guest on the show and the comments on Twitter

When the two presenters of the show asked Laura about him activism some of the viewers who watched it said they were shocked by the fact that the woman appeared on TV completely naked. Some even wondered if a blanket or some kind of blanket had been placed on the sofa of the show, where the guest was sitting.

“Is she completely naked? “I hope they make the couch with dettol right after,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another user wondered: “#ThisMorning are her bare buttocks on this couch?”.

“I’m sorry, but are her bare buttocks sitting on this couch?” “The presenter does not know where to look,” someone else commented.

Some have noticed that, in their opinion, Laura was more focused on her than on her purpose.

“I’m sorry but the fact that she goes out naked will not make people see her purpose,” someone wrote.

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