Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer become NFTs

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In the last year we have heard more and more about NFTs: it is a technology that makes a digital work unique, and which lately has seen supermodels as protagonists Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss e Claudia Schiffer (we of Vanity we made the cover dedicated to Elodie with this technology). The tops of the 90s, portrayed in an exclusive series by the photographer Ellen von Unwerth, have turned into real collectible works of art: in fact, any illustration, photo or video can become an NFT, and when uniqueness is created, the phenomenon of collecting comes by itself.

Ellen von Unwerth, one of the most famous fashion photographers as well as one of the first to impose her sensual and provocative female gaze in the industry, he collaborated with the digital auction house Cryptograph giving life to five black and white images, digitized in video format: in one of these we see Claudia Schiffer with an elegant crop, in which some free tufts are moved like from a light breeze, while in one of the two shots with Naomi Campbell, the model appears with Mickey Mouse ears – in a shiny and animated version – in one of the first images of the panther on Vogue Italy.

The Serie Supermodel, which will be launched on Thursday 21 October, is only the first of a series of launches, and represents Ellen von Unwerth’s debut in the NFT universe. But not only that, because with this project the photographer and Cryptograph will donate a percentage of the sales to UNICEF, the foundation Campbell’s Fashion for Relief e al Pediatric Home Care Team for Diabetes. Kate Moss, who is also the protagonist of the art series, is not, however, a new entry of the NFT: In May 2021, the supermodel sold a pre-recorded video, titled Sleep With Kate, just like NFT, selling it for $ 17,000. If once upon a time, as Linda Evangelista declared in the 1990s, supermodels didn’t get out of bed for less than $ 10,000 a day, today it can be said that to achieve this goal, they often don’t even need that.


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