Naomi Watts si fa horror

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Not a drama, of the many played in past years, but a horror. Naomi Watts, blonde and ethereal, was hired as the protagonist of Goodnight Mommy, remake of the Austrian film presented in Venice in September 2014. The film, una horror story with a classic engrave, it is the ordeal of two brothers, forced to face a mother who they believe is not such. The little ones, who have returned to live with their mother, are faced with a faceless lady, covered in long white bandages.

A surgery is the justification that the woman finds for so much strangeness. But his bizarre behaviors, the growing restlessness in sharing the same roof lead the boys to believe that there is no mother under the bandages.

“My favorite films are those that invite the audience to share the protagonist’s journey,” said Matt Sobel, who, director of the remake already purchased by Amazon Prime Video, explained how his own version of Goodnight Mommy contains “the terrifying realization that those close to us may not be what they seem, thus creating an engaging nightmare.”

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