Naples, two girls expelled from the beach: “Humiliated by a chaste kiss”

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Insulted, attacked and kicked off the beach. It happened to a couple of girls who were sunbathing on the coast of Miseno, a hamlet of Bacoli, in the province of Naples. Francesca and Martina told about it on social media and, also, to the regional councilor Francesco Emilio Borrelli. «Suddenly a gentleman approached us and asked us to leave because our presence raised doubts to his niece who was beginning to ask questions. In reality we had not given rise to obscene behavior of any kind, there was only a very chaste kiss and the little girl, as far as we noticed, had not even looked at us and was intent on playing “, explained the girls .

«The gentleman insisted, he wanted us to go away and he began to shout but we refused to leave. He seemed to have given up when he returned, this time accompanied by his daughter, and began to attack us and some of the boys who were defending us ».

A real physical assault has begun. “The old man hit a boy with the pole of a parasol while the woman slapped my arm after throwing several accusations at me, blaming me for things never done. For example, she constantly referred to my nudity but I was wearing a bikini, just like her. We felt deeply humiliated, we didn’t do anything wrong, we just wanted to spend a day at the beach like any other person ».

Also in Arzano, also in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples, another couple of girls, aged 21 and 23, was attacked, as reported by Arcigay Napoli, by a man who witnessed the exchange of a kiss, in the cockpit of the car. “I was lucky enough to fall in love with a beautiful girl,” one of the two wrote to the association. “We were in the car, in the usual alleyway below the house and a gentleman with so much hatred and anger approached us screaming at us and despite my calm answer, while my girlfriend was starting the car to get away, the gentleman he attacked me with two slaps, threatening to set the car on fire with us inside if we had reappeared in the same place ».

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