NASA: Because it sends 100 baby squid and 5,000 tiny animals into space

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More than 100 baby squid and another 5,000 animals are set to depart on Thursday for the International Space Station (ISS). The animals, along with special equipment for experiments, will be aimed at the ISS with its Falcon 9 rocket Space X, states the BBC.

Scientists hope that experiments at the Station will help them understand the effect that space flight has on the human body, especially as the squid he’s got immune system similar to that of man.

“Animals, including humans, rely on our germs to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. “We do not fully understand how spaceflight changes these beneficial interactions.” Jamie Foster, lead researcher on the experiment.

The squid will be frozen before returning to earth, and will also travel with them 5,000 sluggards, the tiny creatures also known as “water bears”And can withstand more extreme environments than most life forms. This makes them suitable for scientists to study how living things react in extreme conditions.

It is hoped that this information can then be used to understand the stressors that affect humans in space.

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