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Nasdaq 100 trades slightly bullish, encouraged by Tesla and Microsoft

  • The Nasdaq 100 registers a slight advance after reaching an all-time high of 18,707 yesterday.
  • Tesla and Microsoft operate higher in a day with few participants.

The index began the American session with a low of 18,600 and rebounded to a high of 18,687. Currently, the Nasdaq 100 is trading at 18,679 gaining 0.02%. Among the companies posting gains today are Tesla, which is trading at $182.92, gaining 4.55% on the day, and Microsoft, which is posting a gain of 1.24%, trading at $430.65 on the day.

Strong movement expected in NVIDIA after its earnings report

The development of artificial intelligence has benefited the company. Participants expect a movement tomorrow, a minimum of 9% in any direction, remembering that in their last report their shares rose 13% in February.

Technical levels on the Nasdaq 100

We observe the first support in the medium term at 18,600, given by the pivot points. The second support is at 18,460, the low of May 17. The nearest resistance remains at 18,707, the all-time high.

One hour chart on the Nasdaq 100

Source: Fx Street

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