Nashville Explosion Suspected to be a Suicide Attack

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The Nashville explosion that occurred early  morning on Christmas day is now suspected to be a suicide attack.

The Blast

Around 5.30 am on Christmas day, gun shots were heard by the residents of the downtown Nashville area. Following the sound of shots, residents woke up and heard an automated message playing from inside a recreational van parked in front of the AT&T building.

The police was investigating the shots when they too came across the RV. Upon hearing the message, the Nashville police quickly evacuated the area. The voice coming from inside the van could be heard warning residents to move away, since a bomb was going to go off. It then began a count down.

After the 15 minute count down ended, the van blew up. Two officers suffered minor injuries and three people were hospitalized. Buildings nearby the blast site were damaged and communication systems were disrupted.

Suicide Attack?

Initially no casualties were reported. Later on, the police found possible human remains on the site of the blast. US media outlets are now reporting that it might have been a suicide attack.

In the Antioch area, the police were found searching the home of a suspect they believe to be behind the attack. The connection was made when Google maps showed a recreational van, similar to one used in the incident, parked outside a house in Baker town drive, Antioch in the days before the attack. They are also looking for the mother of the suspect to match DNA.

Source BBC

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