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Natalie Portman, 40 years of flawless and ageless beauty


Natalie Portman enchants with its simple and natural beauty since the mid-90s, when, just thirteen, he began his brilliant career in Hollywood. Perfect face, innocent delicacy, look at it today in the ad for Rouge Dior Lipstick (the latest version of the famous 1953 lipstick) of which he is testimonial, with his own wavy bob access to highligths gold, doll skin, red lipstick, fan eyelashes, and it doesn’t seem possible that June 9 blows out 40 candles. But when did it happen?

The actress really made what is known as a deal with the devil. Ex child prodigy, not only is she among the most famous divas of the star system (we will see it soon in the third chapter of Thor and is turning I days of abandonment based on a novel by Elena Ferrante), but also mother of two and activist among the most glamour in the world. Remember Audrey Hepburn for her fresh and chic beauty: in 2015 an English studio decreed that ihis face borders on perfection among those existing in nature. That’s why over the decades has experimented with all kinds of hairstyles and haircuts, managing to feel great with everything! From 90s micro bobs to bold buzzcut, among the first to show the shaved head on the red carpet, up to the sober brown shades lit by balayage and highlights to illuminate the hair.

Regarding the make-up, try to keep it natural, wearing as little make-up as possible. However, for the evenings she does not give up on lipstick (even red, but the ones she prefers are those in lighter and softer shades) and mascara. But the attention of thee beautyhaolic towards him it is directed above all to his wonderful complexion. On the other hand, Natalie has often admitted to taking care of her skin. The actress said she follows a very specific routine: she generally prefers to sleep eight hours a day. She likes to keep her skin hydrated and therefore use the products regularly skincare in pies, anti-aging in a natural way. Among his beauty tips never forget to cleanse and moisturize your skin before going to bed and apply tinted sunscreen in the morning.


“I want to feel natural. I don’t like the mask effect, what I want is an intensified version of my natural being, ”said Natalie Portman. For this reason too, she gave herself a beautiful birthday present with an immediate detox effect. The actress, in fact, is literally disappeared from Instagram, where it has more than seven million followers. Clean sweep of posts. The only shot that now appears on the diva’s social profile is a portion of rocks and vegetation. “As a birthday present to myself I will spend some time in nature away from my phone. I wish you a lot of love and satisfaction until we connect again! », Wrote the actress in the caption. Which certainly, when it reappears, it will be even more beautiful.

In the gallery the beauty evolution of Natalie Portman in honor of her first forty years and many makeup & hair inspirations to copy from her and which still work today.



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