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National Cyclist Day: learn about health benefits and care when cycling

The list of benefits physical activity it includes increased muscle strength, improved sleep and conditioning quality, and reduced cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as increased well-being and mental health gains.

Starting an activity can be a challenge, but creating a habit is one of the first steps on this journey. As it is a lower impact activity, cycling can be the ideal practice for those who want to get out of a sedentary lifestyle.

This Friday (19), National Cyclist Day learn how to choose the best bike and what care can help prevent the risk of spinal injuries.

The teacher and physical trainer Marcio Atalla explains that cycling is a aerobic exercise that favors the improvement of physical conditioning.

“The main feature is aerobic and cardiovascular work. You have a respiratory and heart gain, with improved transport of oxygen and nutrients in the body. There are several gains from an aerobic cardiovascular activity,” he says.

According to Atalla, cycling has less impact on the joints compared to other sports, such as volleyball and soccer, for example.

“You get a big benefit that is little or no impact on the joints. For those who are overweight or do not yet have a very good musculature, it is a very suitable physical activity. There are also great muscle gains in the legs,” she says.

According to the physical trainer, cycling can be practiced up to five times a week. The guidance of a specialist may indicate the need for shorter or longer workouts and the intensity of the activity, according to the profile of each individual.

People ride bicycles wearing masks in Ibirapuera Park

How to avoid the risk of injury

The search for the best performance and the prevention of the risk of injuries involves choosing the most suitable bike according to your profile and height.

“Today, there are well-defined tables that, according to their height, indicate the size of the frame. The choice of bike size can also be made by measuring with a tape measure starting from the crotch of the cyclist and following it along the leg to the ground, with the legs a little apart. The measurement from the crotch to the ground is the ‘horse’, which is fundamental to finding the ideal bike frame size”, explains orthopedic doctor Luciano Miller.

According to experts, the top mistakes made by beginners include pedaling with incorrect posture, going beyond one’s own limits and neglecting food and hydration.

“A tip when cycling is: keep your spine straight, without leaving your chest more forward than the rest of your body. Of course, to be able to hold the handlebars, you will have to maintain a slight inclination. But that doesn’t stop you from always keeping your back straight, with your head always looking forward”, guides the orthopedist.

“When you sit on the bike, your knee cannot be fully extended. The big mistake of people who start to pedal is to make a mistake at this height and leave the seat too low”, adds Atalla.

In addition to eating light meals and reinforcing hydration before cycling, experts recommend stretching before and after the activity.

“Before cycling, you should do stretches like quadriceps, calves, back, groin, hips, arms, in addition to the head and neck,” says Miller.

Source: CNN Brasil

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