National vaccine seeks protection against coronavirus variants, says researcher

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The first Brazilian vaccine against Covid-19, called Spin-Tec, began human testing last Friday (25).

THE CNN Radio Fiocruz researcher and UFMG coordinator Ricardo Gazzineli explained that this immunizer is part of the “second generation of Covid vaccines.”

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“The first was very important, it helped to control the transmission, but we really have this problem of how to combat variants that emerge”, he pondered.

For this reason, he stated that the expectation is that the strategy of the Brazilian formula “really has a broader effect against variants.”

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This is because the vaccine uses the genome of the virus, which does not vary from one strain to another, which would contribute to protection against variants.

The researcher explained that the first phase should end in February next year, with the second until July.

The third phase should last up to nine months, which would place the distribution of the vaccine, if its effectiveness and safety are proven, in the second half of 2024.

This deadline would also depend on the industrial production of the formula and Anvisa’s approval.

The vaccine should be used, according to him, as a booster dose.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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