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NATO ‘has no problem’ with Erdogan supporting Hamas – The ‘Sultan’s’ grand plan

THE Recep Tayyip Erdogan fires almost daily against the West for “hypocrisy and indifference to the carnage and atrocities carried out by the Israel in the Gaza Strip». The Turkish President publicly supports the Hamas, which Israel and the West recognize as a “terrorist organization”. “Hamas are not terrorists, Netanyahu is a terrorist,” he told a huge cheering crowd during a pro-Palestinian rally in Istanbul.

However for NATO, according to Jens Stoltenberg, Erdogan’s attitude is not a problem. “It’s never easy when we have different opinions within the Alliance,” the Alliance’s general secretary said in an interview with the German Agency, but added that this “doesn’t somehow affect what we do or don’t do, because we don’t have a role in this specific conflict”.

It is recalled that the Recep Tayyip Erdogan he also proceeded with a highly symbolic move avoiding meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenwho recently visited Ankara in an attempt to convince the Turkish leadership to tone down the new war in the Middle East, but also to finally approve Sweden’s NATO membership.

Ankara continues the diplomatic “alisverisi” asking in return for the ratification the delivery of the F16s. THE Joe Biden and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, officially, state that they support each other’s request, but in practice they have referred the decisions to the legislative bodies of their countries and are waiting.

Washington and Ankara, despite the rapprochement steps attempted in the past, have several open “hot” issues with analysts characterizing their relationship as an “unhappy marriage” that cannot, however, lead to divorce as the interests of the two countries are intertwined and extremely critical.

Both the USAas well as Europe, in no way do they wish for a total break with Turkey, especially at this stage. This is also confirmed by Jens Stoltenberg’s latest statements. The West is aware of Turkey’s critical role because of its geopolitical position, but also because of the exposure of businesses to the Turkish economy. At the same time, Ankara also knows that an important part of its power comes from the fact that it is a member of NATO and that it can sit at the same table and discuss with the great powers of the West.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, serving his third presidential term already completing 20 years in power in Turkey, has maximalist plans for the “century of Turkey”, as he has called it. He seeks to transform the country from a regional to a global power, but also to lead the “Uma”of the global Sunni Muslim community, and of all the Turkic speakers of the world.

“How many countries are next to America and Israel? There were 14 countries with America in the United Nations vote on the humanitarian ceasefire. But 120 countries stood firmly against them. 40 or 41 countries were also absent. These brave countries are sending a message to the whole world. “America, as great as you are, you are wrong, Israel is wrong. The oppressed are the ones who are right here”Erdogan emphasized in his latest critical statement, on Friday, upon his return from Tashkent, where he participated in the session of the Economic Cooperation Organization.

“Why are they protesting against the US all over the world? Why supporting Israel’s massacre in Gaza made the US a target for backlash. If 1.5 million people come to Istanbul and hold rallies there every three days, that means something. In other words, they are shouting ‘listen to our voice'”, he noted and added: “Civil rights and international law require that this dirty war be stopped as soon as possible”.

His rhetoric always remains extreme, but mainly because with it on the one hand he satisfies his internal anti-Western audience and on the other he seeks to be treated internationally as a regulatory factor. Such as commented on Newsbeast Dimitris Stathakopoulos, jurist – Ottomanologist/Turkologist: “He wants to show that he is the key figure in the Eastern Mediterranean. To show the West and especially the USA that he should be counted on in his every move. He raises his voice so that they ask him to lower it so that he can show that he is institutional, not only in the region but also worldwide”.

Source: News Beast

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