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NATO: No deal on Leopard mission in Ukraine – Zelensky appeals for tanks

Its members NATO they did not reach an agreement to send Leopard in Ukrainedespite Ukrainian requests and his appeal Volodymyr Zelensky to send tanks to deal effectively with the Russian army.

As reported by the Reuters agency, at meeting of Ukraine’s Western allies at Ramstein Air Base no agreement was reached on the delivery of German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. However, Poland’s defense minister appeared optimistic that the countries’ efforts would eventually bear fruit.

“This is a sovereign decision by a sovereign state, such as Germany,” said the Dutch chairman of NATO’s Military Council, Adm. Rob Bauer. He added that it is equally important to discuss the delivery of other weapons systems requested by Ukraine. “Donating ammunition now costs money but the cost to all of us will be higher if Russia wins the war in Ukraine… We need to seriously look at what Ukraine is asking for and, if possible, give them what they are asking for,” he continued, adding that this should be done “in time.”

Source: News Beast

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