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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the extension of the cease-fire in Gaza

Her extension of the cessation of hostilities in Gaza greeted today the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenbergin his statements to the press, shortly before the start of the work of the Council of Foreign Ministers of NATO in Brussels.

The extension of the cessation of hostilities will allow much-needed relief for the people of the Gaza Strip, the release more hostages and the delivery of more humanitarian aid, Stoltenberg said. Speaking of Ukraine, Mr G. Stoltenberg he referred to “intense fighting” along the front line and “waves of drone attacks against Ukrainian cities”, stressing that it is now more important than ever that NATO Allies continue to support Ukraine. Stoltenberg welcomed the Allies’ recent announcements of additional support for Ukraine, including additional financial support from Germany and the Netherlands, the opening training center for Ukrainian pilots in Romania for F-16 and a 20-nation coalition to coordinate efforts to provide more air defenses to Ukraine. Stoltenberg emphasized that “the stronger Ukraine is on the battlefield, the stronger it will be at the negotiating table,” noting that the decision to start negotiations belongs to Ukraine and only Ukraine.

Finally, his GG NATO he said the foreign ministers would also discuss China, the Western Balkans and “threats and opportunities in our southern neighbourhood”. On the Western Balkans, Stoltenberg said tensions are rising and stressed that NATO will do what is necessary to maintain stability in the region.

Source: News Beast

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