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NATO summit begins amid political uncertainty

The NATO summit begins today in Washington, 75 years after its founding, during which member countries are to reaffirm their support for Ukraine, although the climate of political uncertainty in the US is expected to cast its shadow. Four months before the presidential election, the 81-year-old American president Joe Biden is obliged every day to prove not only that he can defeat his opponent Donald Trump, but also that he can govern the country with the greatest military power in the world. Calls are growing, even within the Democratic party, for him to withdraw from the race, especially after the disastrous debate in late June, in which Biden appeared tired and confused. In addition to American voters, the Democrat must reassure the leaders of the 32 NATO member countries, who will be in Washington for three days. A spokesman for the White House assured yesterday, Monday, that he “found no signs” of concern from the […]
Source: News Beast

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