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Natural cuisine: the single ingredient dishes of Osteria La Cerreta

This article on natural cuisine is published in issue 17 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until 23 April 2024.

The energy of a place captured in the essence of an ingredient, which transformed into its variations becomes a single great dish. It happens with the onion, cooked in a wood oven, on the grill, glazed with the base, flavored with its lacto-fermented liquid and, again, caramelised, pickled and powdered. Or with artichoke (and sorrel) absolute, cooked in oil, pickled, in syrup, fermented, oxidized, raw, served on its base.

Artichoke and sorrel.

It is natural haute cuisine that dictates the rules of the table every day: in the morning the team dedicates itself to harvesting in the garden which determines the menu, in the afternoon to foraging, to find spontaneous herbs and edible flowers and create salads with sweet and bitter nuances .

The entree is wild herbs, nasturtium flowers with strawberry and battered farinelli broom gel.

The entrée: wild herbs, nasturtium flowers with strawberry and broom gel, battered flours.

The farm supplies 90% of the ingredients. Not only vegetables and fruit, but also oil, butter, cheeses (the dairy is behind the kitchen), honey, eggs, meat and wine from the own cellar: for more complex combinations, however, there are fermented juices or vegetable extracts . A place from which you wouldn't want to leave again, but with the advantage that you can stop: on the farm you sleep in the stone farmhouses immersed in the woods, while also being able to enjoy the benefits of the thermal spring that flows at a constant temperature of 51°, discovered by chance looking for drinking water for the animals. Nature knows how to be generous with those who respect it (lacerretaterme.it.)

Single ingredient milk dessert with condensed milk foam, fior di latte ice cream and cream chips.

Milk, single ingredient dessert with condensed milk foam, fior di latte ice cream and cream chips.

The Osteria La Cerreta.

The Osteria La Cerreta (lacerretaterme.it).

Source: Vanity Fair

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